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At Decor Inn, we specialize in providing cleaning and gardening services to our customers. Whether you are looking to make your place clean or give your garden an outstanding look, you can find us suitable for the job. Read here more about our featured services!

Decor Inn is a professional and well-equipped company serving the community of the UK for more than 10 years. We have been working in the field of cleaning and gardening for years and have assisted our customers get the expected results. Our team has professionals who have months of training and years of experience to understand what people want to get from their services. We know how to take care of everything when cleaning or maintaining your home/workplace. Decor Inn assures you that you will get beyond the expected results from our cleaning and gardening services. You can hire the most professional team of cleaners for your
home, office, and janitorial cleaning services. We are ranked among the most professional cleaning companies in the UK. Just let us know about your task and we will be happy to visit soon!

Residential Cleaning Services

Is your place irritating you? Do you have useless items that need to be organized? Are you looking for professionals to clean your home or apartment? Decor Inn is here with professionals who have years of experience in the field. We are the best residential cleaning company that you can hire easily without any fear. Our team is always ready to serve the community with the best quality cleaning services for their homes and change their entire looks.

Regular Cleaning

In our regular cleaning services, our professionals will manage to clean the concerned space. Whether it is your home with multiple rooms or a single-room apartment, we can give it a look
that everyone admires. Decor Inn has professionals who have worked as interior cleaners to clean the entire place smoothly. Our team carefully works in your house to avoid any damage to your property and keep everything in place before leaving. We don’t leave the place until our customers are satisfied with the cleaning services and have got the home as they want us to clean.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Don’t worry if you have an office or commercial building. Decor Inn is here with professional commercial cleaning services to let you be in comfort and enjoy your place. Doesn’t matter whether you want to clean your office, cabin, or the entire building, our professionals are here to help you. We are the best commercial cleaning company in the town with the availability of staff all the time and instant approach to the customer’s place. Let us show you more about our
commercial cleaning services and their benefits.

Office Cleaning

Looking to start a new office in the main/central part of the town? Want to get a new and outstanding look from your office at the time of launch? Have multiple workers in your office and want to make your place clean to let them work comfortably? Decor Inn has solutions to every problem when it comes to office cleaning. We are here to offer thorough cleaning services for your office regardless of its area and equipment. Our company is also available for daily office cleaning services with which you will get cleaning of your office regularly before your workday starts. Let us get the professionals ready and start cleaning your office daily at a scheduled time before your workers start reaching your place.

Floor Cleaning

Don’t let your customers feel bad because of the dirty floor of your office. Let Decor Inn help you get a crystal clear look from the floor and make it appealing for everyone. We are here with professionals who know how to clean the floor without damaging it or leaving any stain there. We are the best office cleaning agency in the town who have dedicated professionals to deal with the floor cleaning of your place. With multiple professionals, we are also among the largest
commercial cleaning companies working in the town. Hire us to make your floor perfect to welcome your customers and give them a sense of comfort.

Office Building Cleaning

Cleaning your office’s entire building can be hard for your ordinary cleaners. It is because they may not be able to reach some spots on the stairs and clean them properly. Here Decor Inn comes to business and lets you be comfortable by hiring our professionals. We have experts who know the method to clean every part of your office’s building instead of focusing on the main sections. They know how to reach, clean, and care for the particular sections of your building. We have particular equipment for different parts of the building like stairs, roofs, and particular places like meeting rooms. Hire the best cleaning professionals who know how to deal with the cleaning of a particular place/object.

Janitorial Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t only clearing your office’s floor or other parts. But it also belongs to other places like sofas, desks, and chairs. Decor Inn is here to help you with this type of cleaning that we call Janitorial cleaning. In this cleaning service, we will thoroughly clean your place including the desks, chairs, dedicated tables, and sofas. Our professionals don’t only clean the surface with detergent but we have particular materials like sofa cleaner, desk cleaner, and chair cleaner that can remove the stains from that particular object. No need to worry about the stains that your sofa has when Decor Inn is here to remove them and get a new look for your object. Moreover, we choose cleaners that don’t only remove the stains but also leave a good fragrance in your sofas. It will be sweet for people who sit there and spend time in your place.

Our Gardening Services Overview

In addition to cleaning services, Decor Inn also offers premium quality gardening services to maintain a garden in your place. Doesn’t matter whether you want to fence your garden or need a specified portion of your property to look like a lawn, we are here with our professionals. You will never regret your decision to hire Decor Inn after seeing our work in terms of garden maintenance and cleaning.

Garden Maintenance

Need assistance in the maintenance of your garden? Want to get a distinct look at your garden? You must try Decor Inn which has professionals for lawn maintenance. All our experts know everything in terms of garden maintenance from planting to pruning and give your plants a refined look. We can suggest a backyard design to make it more appealing and attractive. Just contact us and give your place a new outlook that you have dreamt of.

Wood Fencing

Is someone coming to your garden without your notice? Do you want to keep your pretty flowers safe from the animals? Are you looking to secure your lawn from any stranger’s access? Let Decor Inn fence your garden with quality wood and get the required results. We are listed
among the best fencing contractors in the town who don’t only fence your yard but also put up well-designed wood fences. Our company doesn’t rely on standard or ordinary designs for the fencing. We choose the outstanding fences that can give your garden an outstanding look. You can also get in touch with the best gardening company for fence repair if it has been broken or damaged by any natural disaster.


Don’t give a larger area to your lawn when you can manage in a smaller one as well as design your lawn for a better outlook. Our landscapers can help you get a fantastic look from your garden with their innovative design. We will not just design your garden like ordinary professionals. Our company makes sure that your garden has been re designed carefully to make it more appealing


Don’t let the trees grow irregularly and get a strimming expert to refine it. With this, your garden will have a new look that makes it perfect. The strimming professionals at Decor Inn know exactly what is considered a useless branch/part of the tree or plant. We clean only to make your garden perfect instead of careless cutting of branches of trees. Get a garden design with our strimming services and make your place worth looking at.


Does your lawn look like an awful place? If yes, Decor Inn is here to serve you with its professional skills in terms of lawn care. We don’t focus on grass cutting only but are also passionate about making your lawn a place to sit and relax. Our professionals know comprehensively about lawn care and understand how to get a worthwhile preview of your lawn. No need to worry about useless plants/trees and bad grass patches in your lawn. Decor Inn is here to take care of everything related to lawn care and maintenance.

Our Home Improvement Services Overview

With more than 5 years of experience in home improvement and maintenance, Decor Inn can make your home a living heaven. We don’t provide limited or low-quality home improvement services. You can hire us for a variety of services to maintain your home and make it what you have dreamt of. Let us show you a bit about our major services from this category.

Concrete Patio

Want to get an appealing look for your driveaway? Don’t invest in standard tiles but choose a concrete patio by Decor Inn. We offer premium quality services to install these patio tiles in your driveaway and other tracks within your property. Our team has years of experience in installing, cleaning, and maintaining these patios for hundreds of customers. By installing them, you will also lower the charges of replacement as they get broken rarely. Pick your phone and make a call us to give your home’s driveaway tracks appealing, strong, and perfect.


Does your home look weird because of broken tiles/bricks? Are you looking for a perfect team to find the breakages in the bricks and fill them professionally? You have come to the right spot as Decor Inn is here to serve you in this regard. We are always eager to give our customer’s home
a new look with our professional skills. Our professionals don’t just fill/replace the bricks but also make an appealing look from the concerned part of your home. You will never judge that we have rendered your place as we will do it professionally and craft a design there. Get in touch with us to have a look at what we can do for you.

Composite Decking

Want to fence your place with a wooden border? Need a wood expert to create an appealing look for your home’s exterior? Decor Inn is here to serve you with its services in the composite decking category. We are experienced in creating, installing, and repairing decks made with wood and related materials. Our experts are not only capable of repairing but also installing the new custom decks to your place. Give us a chance to make your home appealing to everyone.

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