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Ready to take the first step towards cleaning your place or fencing your garden? Just hit the Contact Us button or call us using the given cell number. We will listen to you, schedule the visit, and start work on your request.

Our Featured Services

At Decor Inn, we specialize in providing cleaning and gardening services to our customers. Whether you are looking to make your place clean or give your garden an outstanding look, you can find us suitable for the job. Read here more about our featured services! cleaning service

Cleaning Services

From floor to carpets, office to buildings, sofas to desks, we have advanced equipment with professional staff to manage everything related to cleaning. Gardening Services

Gardening Services

Want to get a well-maintained and beautiful garden around your property? Don’t worry when Decor Inn is here to help. We are here with professional landscapers and fencing experts who can easily get a garden/lawn on your property. Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Is your home not giving a look you want? Do you want to get a new look from your home’s exterior part? You must visit us or contact the Decor Inn team to help you get the desired looks for your home.

Specialized Cleaning Services

In addition to common cleaning services like residential and commercial, we offer specialized cleaning services too. Decor Inn offers you dedicated services for the special equipment and products that you have in your access. Windows Cleaning

Windows Cleaning

Do you have windows that need to be cleaned? Your regular workers may not be able to do so as it needs a professional touch when it comes to cleaning windows.

Carpet Cleaning

Have a carpet on the floor of your place with some stains? Tried to clean the carpet but got no results. Let our experts manage the task for you and give a new look to your old carpet at minimal prices Appliance Cleaning

Appliance Cleaning

Have a dirty kitchen appliance that needs to be maintained properly in terms of cleaning? Decor Inn is here to get the task done and give your appliance a new look.

Our Gardening Services Overview

In addition to cleaning services, Decor Inn also offers premium quality gardening services to maintain a garden in your place. Doesn’t matter whether you want to fence your garden or need a specified portion of your property to look like a lawn. garden cleaning service

Garden Maintenance

Need assistance in the maintenance of your garden? Want to get a distinct look at your garden? You must try Decor Inn which has professionals for lawn maintenance. Strimming services

Wood Fencing

Is someone coming to your garden without your notice? Do you want to keep your pretty flowers safe from the animals? Are you looking to secure your lawn from any stranger’s access? Let
Decor Inn fence your garden with quality wood and get the required results. Landscaping services


Don’t give a larger area to your lawn when you can manage in a smaller one as well as design your lawn for a better outlook. Our landscapers can help you get a fantastic look for your garden with their innovative design.

Our Home Improvement Services Overview

With more than 5 years of experience in home improvement and maintenance, Decor Inn can make your home a living heaven. We don’t provide limited or low-quality home improvement services. garden cleaning service

Concrete Patio

Want to get an appealing look for your driveaway? Don’t invest in standard tiles but choose a concrete patio by Decor Inn. We offer premium quality services to install these patio tiles in your
driveaway and other tracks within your property. Strimming services


Does your home look weird because of broken tiles/bricks? Are you looking for a perfect team to find the breakages in the bricks and fill them professionally? You have come to the right spot as Decor Inn is here to serve you in this regard. Landscaping services

Composite Decking

Want to fence your place with a wooden border? Need a wood expert to create an appealing look for your home’s exterior? Decor Inn is here to serve you with its services in the composite decking category.

Hire On-Demand

Many cleaning and gardening companies ask you to do a contract for regular or scheduled services for a particular time. Decor Inn is different from those cleaning companies and never restricts their customers. You will be in safe hands as well as feel comfortable when it comes to contacting us. We allow you to hire us on-demand whenever you need our services instead of signing a contract with us. So, no contract constraints will be there when you are working with Decor Inn.

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